How innovative is your higher education institution?

Being an entrepreneurial higher education institution depends upon individuals, and innovative ways of doing things. There is no ‘unique’ approach, but a variety of ways in which HEIs behave entrepreneurially, for example, in how they manage resources and build organisational capacity, involve external stakeholders into their leadership and governance, create and nurture synergies between teaching, research and their societal engagement, as well as knowledge exchange. This also includes recognising and building on what already exists.

Now in its third year, HEInnovate has been used by 100s of institutions across Europe to assess their entrepreneurial and innovative potential.

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About HEInnovate

The European Commission and the OECD have joined forces to support higher education institutions with the creation of the self-assessment tool HEInnovate. HEInnovate facilitates the assessment of an HEI in a systematic way, opening up discussion and debate on the entrepreneurial and innovative nature of higher education institutions.

It is free, confidential and open to anyone to use. HEInnovate can be used by all types of higher education institutions. Rather than defining a single way forward, it offers self-assessment, guidance and good practice materials to take action.

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  • HEInnovate is a new managerial tool helping academics to become aware of
    Assoc. Prof. PhD. Daniel Pavlov
    HEAD of the Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Ruse, Bulgaria
  • I enjoy using HEInnovate because it takes a holistic approach
    Mikkel Trym
    Director of CIEL, Denmark

Latest news

Making Higher Education Institutions fit for the future, Rotterdam, July 5

Dissemination meeting to present the draft review report of the Netherlands organised by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, EC & OECD. The HEInnovate team will be hosting around 50 participants from a range of HEIs and the members of the review steering group, which includes besides the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, VSNU, VH, RVO and NVAO. Prior to the dissemination event a workshop will be organised for higher education institutions on the self-assessment tool with presentation of how the tool was used in Ghent University.

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