News & Events

HEInnovate workshop hosted by Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dundalk, 29-30 June

Having almost completed the first round of country reviews, several common trends as well as country-specific practices across all seven dimensions of the HEInnovate Guiding Framework were identified... Read more

New detailed results launched for group admins

Group admins can now access more detailed Group self-assessment results from the new look Group Results page. The group function of HEInnovate is the best way for higher education institutions to use... Read more

Help shape the future of HEInnovate – call for interest

As part of our efforts to further develop HEInnovate, we will carry out a set of different actions in the coming months and we are looking for organisations interested in: (1) Hosting an HEInnovate... Read more

HEI self-assessment translated for all EU-28 languages

We are happy to announce that translated self-assessments for all EU-28 languages are now available on the HEInnovate self-assessment tool.  To make the self-assessments more accurate and avoid... Read more

The 7th University - Business Forum, Brussels, 6-7th April 2017: University-Business Cooperation for Innovation and Modernisation

Organised by the European Commission, the Forum will bring together 400 high-level representatives from higher education institutions, large companies, SMEs, a range of European organisations and... Read more