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As HEInnovate users no one is better placed to attest to the impact of the self-assessment tool in identifying strengths and weaknesses, and opening up discussion and debate on the entrepreneurial / innovative nature of your institution.

That’s why we created a range of HEInnovate badges that can be posted across social or web platforms to support you in helping us spread the word about HEInnovate to your networks. Whether you want to share HEInnovate with other departments in your institution, other institutions in a network of HEIs or HEIs in general across Europe and beyond, now you can do so with a simple post.

The self-assessment tool involves 42 statements across eight dimensions for HEIs to consider in relation to their institution. Users of the tool can complete all eight dimensions or choose to focus only on a few selected areas. Over 27,000 self-assessments have been completed by over 1,500 different higher education institutions to date.

Help us expand the HEInnovate community by encouraging more of your peers to complete a self-assessment and benefit from the insights it provides.

CLICK HERE to download a range of different badges for all platforms and get sharing!

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Submitted by:
James Ankobia
Submitted on:
30 Mar 2022