Knowledge Alliance: VISION

Today’s world is constantly changing. This phenomenon is creating new challenges for educational institutions and business organisations, highlighting the need for innovative methods and practices in teaching and learning.

How can teachers and trainers stay up-to-date and address the dynamic opportunities of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship for the future of teaching and learning? VISION, a Knowledge Alliance (KA) founded by Erasmus+, brings together 14 partners and engages with 130 global stakeholders and experts across higher education, business, policy and society to pave the way for the future of teaching and training with creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The project has been running from 2019 for two consecutive years and has already led to short articles in the media. Amongst these it is possible to list Digital Overload in The Conversation and Shifts in the higher education systems in The Times Higher Education, as well as conference publications, several workshops and webinars.

Kyriaki Papageorgiou and Olga Kokshagina, the coordinators of VISION project, state: “The VISION project was born as a direct reflection and continuation of our work around practices of learning and research impact in the HEI sector. Different partners brought their unique experiences and reflections on what the future of learning should look like in connection to several thematic areas: future of work and industry 4.0; social impact and digital transformation”.

Accordingly, VISION focuses its action on CEI, the acronym for Creativity,  Entrepreneurship and Innovation, but how is it translated into the future of learning and work and how does it help prepare for the future of learning? This is precisely the goal of VISION’s forthcoming publication “Envisioning the Future of learning creativity, Innovation and entrepreneurship”, on which the project partners are currently working.

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12 Nov 2021