ASKFOOD: Changing the food industry from within

The ASKFOOD project, propelled by 12 partners and supported by 15 associated partners, was aimed at creating new methodologies and training solutions able to cover the needs of the food-sector market, as well as fostering entrepreneurial skills. Through state-of-the-art analysis the partnership was able to develop tailored and context-adapted methodologies aligned with the final aim of the project. ASKFOOD not only promoted new teaching approaches and improved existing ones, but it also fostered the balance between supply and demand in the current market.

One of the biggest results of the project is the ASKFOOD Observatory, a multisector space where professionals and experts can create new networks that promote innovation in the field of training and education within the food-sector. This tool is available and open for any user that wants to make use of the resources developed within the framework of the project.

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HEInnovate Admin
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12 May 2022