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Steve Stevens


Since 2013 Steve is manager of the student-entrepreneurship centre DO! (Durf Ondernemen) at Ghent University. Where he is active both as business coach for student-entrepreneurs and as challenger of entrepreneurial thinking within Ghent University. He started working at Ghent University with the mission ‘to make the university entrepreneurial’. HEInnovate has been a very important tool for him in this, and helped boosting the process of change in the Ghent city ecosystem. Before entering Ghent University, Steve worked at University College Ghent as a teaching assistant, business coach and staff member. In this way, he got to understand the diverse roles existing within Higher Education. Steve was (co-)founder of several creativity boosting and/or entrepreneurship oriented programs in Higher Education such as IntEntSem and SportsIDMarathon. He is used to facilitate workshops & brainstorm sessions and was one of the coaches in the first edition of HEI Hack in Portugal. Steve has experience with coordinating EFRD programmes, cooperated in a Knowledge Alliance pilot project (EUEN), works in the field of entrepreneurship on city level with the cooperation 'Gentrepreneur' and represents Ghent University in the Flemish Forum for Entrepreneurial Higher Education (Forum OhO). Steve is an expert for HEInnovate and gladly helps to further spread the spirit of innovation in (European) Higher Education!

I can be contacted in the following:
  • Specialist advice on my area of expertise
  • General advice on using HEInnovate
  • Running an HEInnovate workshop
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  • Student engagement for using HEInnovate
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