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Klaus Sailer

Klaus is passionate about entrepreneurship and believes that an entrepreneurial society will create a better world. As Universities play a key role in educating young people to think more entrepreneurial, HEInnovate is a fantastic tool for all Universities not only to learn about the nature of an entrepreneurial University and to set up corresponding activities but also to learn from each other and to create an international community. Therefore, Klaus initiated coneeectU to bring educators of the HEInnovate community together to share experience and to co-create education programmes around Europe.

Klaus holds a PhD in physics and is a serial entrepreneur. He is professor at University of Applied Sciences in Munich and CEO of the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship. In addition he is a co-founder of the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie and of the think tank "Denkfabrik Gründer­hochschulen", an initiative of the entrepreneurial Universities of Germany.

I can be contacted in the following:
  • Specialist advice on my area of expertise
  • General advice on using HEInnovate
  • Running an HEInnovate workshop
  • Speaking at events / workshops
  • Student engagement for using HEInnovate
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