Expert profile
Ester Bernadó

Ester Bernadó is committed to higher education and life-long learning. She has held several positions in the university such as International Coordinator, Director of Bachelor’s Programs, Director of a Research Group in Data Mining, and Coordinator of Entrepreneurship. She has been involved in several projects promoting the transformation of higher education institutions and has designed and participated in several innovative learning and teaching methodologies.

Ester is currently teaching creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in several bachelor’s degrees on business administration and engineering. Her classes are intended to awake the spirit of entrepreneurship among students, develop their skills and competences, together with the necessary knowledge to start-up businesses. She also participates and co-organizes workshops on entrepreneurship in international settings in collaboration with several European Universities.

She has recently joined HEInnovate expert group, from where she can provide expertise on teaching and learning strategies, on how to prepare entrepreneurs, and how to align the organisation capacity to foster innovative institutions. Her background on data analytics can also help design strategies to measure impact. She also participated as mentor in HEI Hack, an initiative of Porto Design Factory where students contributed to their higher institution based on HEInnovate dimensions.

I can be contacted in the following:
  • Specialist advice on my area of expertise
  • General advice on using HEInnovate
  • Running an HEInnovate workshop
  • Speaking at events / workshops
  • Student engagement for using HEInnovate
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