The HEI fosters a digital culture as a mean for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The HEI fosters a digital culture as a mean for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Making the most of digital transformation requires a whole of institution approach. A digital culture is the primary foundation for this, and a well-functioning digital culture is built on shared values between leadership, staff and students. Having a clearly stated digital culture sets the tone for the institution, and empowers all parties. The digital culture of the institution should be aligned with its overall strategy and its future direction.

The first step to establishing and maintaining a digital culture within the institution is to set up and communicate a clear and concise shared vision, which presents technologies as a key enabler across the whole breadth of the institution. This should then be built upon with a holistic, well-designed and integrated strategy that addresses specific, relevant institutional issues and requirements. The strategy should enable students and staff to understand, explore, and promote new ways of working that are digitally driven.

The strategy should set out goals of how the institution will seek to innovate and improve through digital transformation, e.g. establishing in which areas digital technologies will concretely add value and how. This should be accompanied by an action plan to implement the various aspects of that strategy. That action plan should include clear (and measurable) innovation goals for the different players and sufficient resource allocation for implementation. Areas that might be addressed include:

  • Digital teaching, learning and assessment
  • Digital research methods
  • Digital stakeholder engagement and communication
  • Digital facilities, infrastructure and services

The strategy and related action plan should be promoted by leadership but formulated via consultation with members of administration, the faculty and relevant student bodies. This would ensure it responds fully to the needs of the whole institution, digitally transforming all the activities of the HEI for innovation and entrepreneurship. In the implementation phase, there is a role for all staff to maintain the relevance of the digital strategy and to assess, monitor and communicate its added value and benefits.