Expert profile
Maciej Markowski

Maciej has specialism in developing entrepreneurial strategies for higher education institutions, and he is currently finishing PhD on the entrepreneurial transformation of higher education institutions.

He has been a member of the HEInnovate Expert Group since 2014, coordinated the HEInnovate country review in Poland as well as participated in the country review in the Netherlands.

His main area of expertise is development, implementation and evaluation of entrepreneurial agenda of higher education institutions via teaching and learning, institutional strategies and policies, which is supported by his background in external and internal quality assurance in higher education. Maciej has also conducted HEInnovate workshops for awareness raising and institutional development purposes over the past years.

Currently he holds the position of the Chair of the Certification Group of the European Consortium for Accreditation in Higher Education, and he is responsible for development of the Certificate for Quality of Internationalisation. He is also a member of the Accreditation Council of the Accreditation Council for Engaged and Entrepreneurial Universities.

I can be contacted in the following:
  • Specialist advice on my area of expertise
  • General advice on using HEInnovate
  • Running an HEInnovate workshop
  • Speaking at events / workshops
  • Student engagement for using HEInnovate
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